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I’m Amir, an Entrepreneur in Iran

Amir Hossein Mirchi – Iran- 23rd October 1991
I am a hard-working and highly motivated individual who is confident in my abilities. I take pride in my work, therefore I always try to put the best effort in order to achieve the set goals. My primary goal as a professional is to add value and maximize results while striving to meet expectations. This requires an entrepreneurial mindset, self-motivation and strong communication skills which allow me to develop both professionally and personally. I’m addicted to learning new things, that’s how I motivate myself to improve my position and how I contribute to the company’s success.
From my work experience and skills, you can see I’ve learned about a variety of fields. To put it simply, all things that I have done involve business or project management, so from my college degree in industrial engineering, I have learned about optimizing systems and projects, and from my self-motivation I chose technology. Having this two combination allowed me to learn several things, like: Project Directing and management, Business management, sales, Digital marketing, website design, SEO, programming, Data Analysis, and much more !

My Philosophy


No Limit

I think if something is existed, so I can Achieve it, There is no limit in Success and Knowledge


One Life

Time and Life is Limited, So Things should not be postponed, I should do whatever i want



Every Proposes and goals are incomplete if you don’t help another people and Creatores.